Second prison officer suspended in camera probe

A second prison officer has been suspended from duty as an internal probe continues following the discovery of a covert surveillance camera hidden in the office of a senior manager. 

Prison officials declined to name the two officers, who have been placed on required leave, pending the completion of the investigation. 

The secret camera, hidden inside an air conditioning duct, was discovered last week in the office at HMP Northward. Police were called to the scene and taped off the office as a search took place. No one has been arrested and it is understood that the matter is being dealt with internally through the Prison Officers (discipline) regulations. 

A prison service spokeswoman said Thursday, “I can confirm that a second employee of Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service has been placed on required leave by the Chief Officer as a result of the on-going investigation into the discovery of a recording device in the office of a manager at HMP Northward.  

“The investigation is ongoing and limited details will be released until it has been concluded,” she added. 

Prisons boss Neil Lavis said earlier this week, “It is regrettable that someone has seen fit to invade another person’s privacy in such a manner. I am committed to uncovering the parties involved.”  

The prison service said in a statement that the camera was switched on and was covertly recording when it was found.  


Northward prison in Newlands.


  1. So what was going on in this manager’s office that was so private that an officer saw it fit to make recordings? Not one but two employees involved, and who knows there may be more.
    The world today has become very sophisticated, so we all need to consider that no where is private unless its your own bedroom.