Chaloner is champ

There was a surprise in the men’s final at the Alphasoft National Squash Championships last week, with Mark Chaloner beating the world-ranked professional, Cameron Stafford. 

Semi-retired Chaloner, a former world-ranked No. 7, won 3-0 in the best of five games by scores of 11-6, 11-9 and 11-0.  

In the men’s B competition, Gyles Luke defeated Matthew Wight 3-0. In the men’s C division, David Pitcairn defeated Charlie Riker 3-0.  

There were more than 70 entries at the club’s base in South Sound. 

In the women’s final, Claire Roscoe beat Marlene West 3-0 by scores of 11-6, 14-12 and 11-8. 

Roscoe played to a strict game plan using her high floating lob serves to full advantage, then looking to attack West with short shots at every opportunity.  

This worked as West never really looked comfortable moving around the court, and the twisting and turning which Roscoe was forcing her to do was quite labored and resulted in poor returns and uncharacteristic errors. 

It was nevertheless a great win for Roscoe, who is training for this summer’s Senior Caribbean Championships in Cayman. 

In the ladies B competition, Roscoe’s 17-year-old daughter Mischa Kluyver beat Jade Pitcairn 3-1, and in the ladies D division, Lauren Fullerton beat Vanessa Fullerton 3-1.  

Chaloner, who coaches at the club, said this event will decide who to put in the squad to train toward the Senior Caribbean Championships from Aug. 15-23. 

Roscoe has a strong squash pedigree, having played the game for 40 years, since she was 7. At one point she was world-ranked No. 117, and she represented England at the women’s masters in 2000. A resident here for three years, Roscoe said, “I’ve always had Marz [West] in my sights but never thought I’d actually beat her.  

“I went on court with a determined game plan, which was to mix it up with predominantly a slow touch game, high lob serves, mixed in with a hard hitting game, basically to confuse her and not allow her to settle into her game.  

“I’m a touch player and she’s a powerhouse of speed and strength.” 

She added that her next challenge “if my knees hold out,” are the Senior Caribbean Championships and then to enter the British nationals for her age group next year.  

It was quite a family affair because Roscoe’s youngest daughter Olivia won the girls Under-11s in the club champs.  


Mark Chaloner and Claire Roscoe both won 3-0.