Charity Drive: Come on, Cayman, 'Give a honk!'

Who knew that so much could be accomplished by driving around in a circle … actually, a roundabout.

Island Heritage is in the final day of its annual corporate giving campaign, called “Charity Drive!” — where the insurance company donates $1 for each automobile that passes through its eponymous roundabout on Esterley Tibbetts Highway, near The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman hotel. This year, the company is giving away up to $35,000.

This year’s charities are Canine & Feline Friends, Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman and SOY (Save our Youth Foundation).

The Cayman Islands National Roads Authority has placed traffic sensors at the roundabout to keep an accurate count of the cars that go by. Each day’s running tally is updated on the initiative’s website, Because it’s the year 2015, Island Heritage has also added a social media dimension to the campaign, and is also giving money to charity based on clicks received via Facebook and Twitter. (Instructions are on the aforementioned website.)

In addition to Island Heritage’s visible presence in the roadway and online, readers of the print edition of the Cayman Compass will have noticed the large, colorful advertisements for the Charity Drive! on the back cover of the paper.

Visitors to will also have noticed over the past several days the advertisement “wrapper” on the website — not to mention the full-screen, animated advertisement that shows up when you first enter our site. We encourage users to click (early and often, if possible) on the online ads to learn more about the event and how to get involved.

Unlike the news and editorial sections of our newspaper and website, the “paid” portions are not vetted according to journalistic standards. Just because an advertisement appears in the Compass doesn’t mean that its message has the formal “approval” of our Editorial Board. In the case of Island Heritage’s charitable giving campaign, however, we are pleased to declare the cause as most worthy of approval.

The Charity Drive! has been held since 2012, and it seems it has been growing in popularity every year. That’s not just because the concept is clever — or that it takes advantage of Grand Cayman residents’ noted sentimental attachment to our roundabouts, which are “adopted” by local business sponsors who landscape them in signature ways, keep them manicured and decorate them in splendid fashion during the holiday season.

Rather, what has enabled the Charity Drive! to grow into a “must-see” charitable event during the year is the obvious enthusiasm on the part of the volunteers who, dressed in bright yellow shirts, energetically wave their signs like a squad of charitable cheerleaders.

In other words, it looks like they’re having fun. And at the same time, they’re helping some important organizations within our community.

Today, you can pitch in, too, by making a point of driving through the Island Heritage roundabout, and ensuring that an extra dollar goes into the hands of people who deserve it. While you’re at it, show your appreciation for the volunteers’ exuberance, by taking your foot off the gas and, ahem, “Giving a honk!”


  1. This is soooo wonderful, especially for our 4 legged friends.

    Please remember kindness and charitable giving is 365 days a

    year. Also remember our friends at The Humane Society and that

    their needs are tremendous.

  2. I would also change it to

    Show that you know how to use indicators on roundabout and earn money for charity.

    Anyone can honk. Few can use indicators.