Brac group tackles waste

Environmentally-minded residents of Cayman Brac have set up a group on the island to help create a more effective recycling program for the Brac and Little Cayman and to cut down on waste in the islands’ landfills. 

The group, called Sustainable Sister Islands, is working with government and waste management company JUNK to reach those goals. 

JUNK accepts plastic for recycling and other solid waste for processing, while the government collects and recycles aluminium and batteries. “It is our hopes to widen our recycling and processing efforts by working with both government and JUNK,” said Kathleen Bodden-Harris of Sustainable Sister Islands.  

The group says plastic is a major source of shoreline litter, which is harmful to tourism and endangers marine and wildlife species.  

“We feel the Sister Islands have exceptional infrastructures to that of Grand Cayman,” Ms. Bodden-Harris said. “It is our purpose to call attention to such details and educate the public in proper processing procedures so that everyone is on board with a simplified yet unified system,  

The 5 Rs: Remove/Reduce/Rinse/Reuse and Recycle.”  

She said the group plans to motivate the local community, through schools, businesses, and the tourism and diving/boating industry.  

School presentations began last week and beach cleanups have been going on since February. Another beach cleanup will be held from 7 a.m. on Saturday, April 25, at Long Beach, at the east end of Spot Bay Road.  

There will also be underwater cleanups, beginning in June, along with roadside and park cleanups. At a meeting earlier this month, which is Earth Month, at the Panama Canal in Creek on the northern side of Cayman Brac, Sustainable Sister Islands unveiled its slogan on a banner – “Be Part of the Solution … Not the Pollution! RECYCLE NOW!”  

The group says its immediate goal is to set up recycling depots on Cayman Brac that are easily visible and accessible. 

For more information, call 916-3960.  


Sustainable Sister Islands wants to reduce the amount of garbage going into the Cayman Brac landfill, pictured, and the dump in Little Cayman. – PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER