Birthday gifts for those in need

Nina Ratcliffe recently celebrated her 14th birthday, but instead of asking for presents, she requested her friends and family donate to a children’s home. 

The teenager asked that donations be given to the National Council of Voluntary Organisations’ Foster Home. In doing do, she was able to donate $575 of her birthday money to the children at the foster home. 

“What a beautiful way to share with others, as well as to set an example for her peers on the joy of giving. Nina is a girl we can be proud of,” said Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette, care manager of the foster home. 

The NCVO Children Services programs, which have been in operation for 35 years, assist those in need of support and is dedicated to the care, education and wellbeing of children and families throughout the Cayman Islands. 


Nina Ratcliffe with a birthday card made by the children of the NCVO Foster Home.

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