Three shot, one stabbed in weekend violence

Three people were shot and one man was stabbed multiple times in the neck in two separate incidents in George Town over the weekend. 

One victim was in serious condition in hospital on Monday after the triple shooting in the early hours of Saturday. 

Police believe one of the victims was specifically targeted in the attack on Sparky Drive at 3 a.m., when a gunman fired into a crowd at an after-hours session. 

Two of the victims, a woman and a 23-year-old man, were treated for gunshot wounds and released over the weekend, The third victim, who suffered serious injuries, underwent extensive surgery on Saturday and was in the Intensive Care Unit at the Cayman Islands Hospital, where his condition was described as serious but stable. 

No arrests had been made as of press time Monday. 

Detective Chief Inspector Patrick Beersingh said, “We are looking into the possibility that one of the victims was targeted in this attack. However the apparent indiscriminate way those responsible shot into a crowd of people is of particular concern as there is no consideration for the lives or well-being of persons who are there and not involved in any way.” 

Stabbing incident 

In a separate incident later Saturday morning at Dogwood Drive, a man was stabbed several times in the neck. Police made no official connection between the two incidents. 

A 29-year-old man was arrested in connection with the stabbing shortly after the incident at 6 a.m. He was charged with wounding with intent and grievous bodily harm and is to appear in court Tuesday morning. 

Anyone with information about either incident can call 949-4222 or Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). 


  1. Let’s hope that we are not seeing the start of another round of shootings and reprisal shootings like we had several years ago.

    The way in which the individuals responsible shot into the crowd suggests someone that is willing to do just about anything and this should be of great concern to the entire community.

  2. Why not make possession of a gun a mandatory 10 year sentence? The people who own illegal guns are clearly not deterred by the threat of the current penalty.

    ***Editor’s note: The Firearms Law currently prescribes a mandatory 10-year minimum sentence for firearms possession, unless the defendant pleads "guilty," — then the mandatory minimum is seven years … The court also has discretion when there are "exceptional circumstances."***

  3. There has been a second stabbing incident today (tuesday) (reported in other media). The victim received serious wounds, but is expected to survive, an arrest was made.

    Do the RCIPS have a sniffer dog for firearms detection?

    Big bounties/rewards for people who report those with weapons

    Let the Commissioner hire those from off island with the skills and attitude to deal with this! It should be the criminals whose hands are tied (cuffed) – enough with the meddling of politicians.

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