Heaps of stolen goods found in apartment

More than a dozen items believed to have been taken in burglaries prior to June 14 were recovered following a police search of the apartment where two suspects arrested in connection with the break-ins stayed.

The items recovered include watches, jewelry, a camera and a pair of headphones.

The two men arrested in the case were employed in Cayman on work permits. They were arrested on June 15 on suspicion of burglary after being spotted in the South Sound area of George Town. The two appeared in court Friday, June 19.

A Royal Cayman Islands Police officer on patrol late that night saw the two men, ages 31 and 25, “acting suspiciously dressed in black hoodies and gloves.”

The men, who are from the Dominican Republic, ran after they were spotted by police, but were captured soon afterward.

Police searched the immediate area and found a private home that was empty at the time had been broken into. A car connected to the two men, according to police, was found nearby and certain articles taken from the home were found inside the car.

A third suspect is still being sought in connection with the burglary.

RCIPS officers request owners of the items who wish to recover them to bring any photographs or proof of ownership, whether that be serial numbers, receipts or any other method of identification to the George Town Police Station.


  1. Much thanks to the RCIPS for getting these criminals off of the streets. It would good to know what type of background checks were performed on these individuals prior to them being granted permits to work in the Cayman Islands. Additionally, we need to get a clear picture of the employment status and to understand if there employer had them actually working full-time or if they were only working part-time. We also need to know how they were moving the good locally or getting them out of the country.

  2. I think that the Government/Immigration need to seriously look into the work permit issue/Immigration laws, and have enough background checks done , because we don’t know who is who anymore today , we could be a breathing ground for terrorist and whatever.

  3. @ Ron Clair Ebanks

    How do you figure that? Cayman Airways have no flights to the DR.

    Odds are they were fencing, or planning to fence, the stuff on-island. The pay off would be much better here.

    As for the comments about background checks? This is the DR we are talking about, what do you expect?

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