Police: Scammers targeting permanent residence seekers

The Financial Crime Unit of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is warning people seeking permanent residence in Cayman to avoid scammers promising a quick and easy way to obtain that status.  

It’s the second warning police have issued this year about the permanent residence scams. 

“Please be advised that there is no such expedited immigration process under way at this time and that such solicitations are unlawful and fraudulent,” a statement from the Financial Crime Unit read.  

Permanent residence applications can only be made by individuals who have lived in the Cayman Islands for at least eight consecutive years.  

The process involves submitting a completed and signed application form as well as a number of supporting documents to the Department of Immigration. These include a cover letter, a police clearance certificate, a medical questionnaire, character and bank references and evidence of property ownership.  

The applicant must also pay certain prescribed fees at the time of making the application to the Immigration Department. There is no other way to apply for permanent residency. 


Police are reminding the public that permanent residence applications can only be processed through the Department of Immigration as they warn against a scam on island.


  1. I have a feeling there might be more to this story.

    Another website quotes RCIPS as stating that officers from the Immigration Department or any other government officials should not approach members of the public to offer permanent residency or to solicit funds to pay for permanent residency.

    A comment which to me suggests that RCIPS not only know who is doing this but also that it is an inside job.

  2. David, the second paragraph of your comment doesn’t make any sense. RCIPS casually advises Immigration Department or any other government officials not to commit crime?