19 students intern at CUC for summer

Nineteen students are participating in a vocational and internship program at Caribbean Utilities Company. 

According to a statement from the power company, on July 7 CUC welcomed nine university-level students, who began at various times in May and June, and 10 high school students. This is the 15th year for the company’s internship program. 

University student Hilda Rivers, who is working at CUC’s Human Resources Department for the summer, said the firsthand experience she got was different from the assignments she did in school. “This experience is enhancing my knowledge and putting what I’ve learned in school to good use,” she said. 

CUC’s human resources analyst and program coordinator, Anika Conolly, said the summer placement aims to “expose the young people of Cayman to an environment that would give them a clearer understanding about the real world of work and allow them to make more informed decisions about their career goals.” 

Garin Ritch, 17, tried to learn as much as possible and hopes to return next year. 

“With this experience, I learned a lot in the Electrical Maintenance Department about how transformers and substations in the Power Plant work,” he said. 

CUC says the program remains an open door of opportunities for students who perform well. 

In addition to receiving hands-on experience, the students are required to attend a lunch-and-learn session each week. The sessions were education-based and focused on topics ranging from personal budgeting to finding and keeping the right job. 


Student Garin Ritch, left, assists CUC’s Rodney Welcome with the testing of a transformer.


Student Hilda Rivers, right, learns about CUC’s database from Anika Conolly.


  1. This is a great thing CUC is doing in providing these opportunities to hard working students. I’d like to also see special recognition go to the these hard working young ladies and gentlemen who earned the chance to take advantage of this opportunity. These opportunities are not given away freely, you have to work hard and show dedication in order to earn this privilege.

    Kudos to you, this is something to be proud of and will make you role models for the younger generation. Please keep up the good work..We are all proud of you….