Ganja washes ashore in East End

A drug shipment that went overboard into the Caribbean Sea sometime last week has washed ashore in East End in Grand Cayman. 

A member of the public came across the cache of suspected ganja Tuesday along the island’s southeastern coast. 

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service would not immediately confirm whether the substance recovered was ganja, or state its weight, but they have seized the package and plan to destroy it within the next 24 hours. 

Police said it was believed the package was connected to an overturned 28-foot motorboat discovered last Thursday in the same area that was brought to shore by a member of the public. 

Beached shipments of cocaine and ganja have been found in significant quantity in recent years in both Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands. In mid-June, customs officers seized a package containing more than 70 pounds of cocaine that had washed ashore on Cayman Brac’s southern coast. 

In mid-April, a bag containing 23 packages of compressed cocaine was found by residents walking the beach in East End. 

It is estimated several million dollars of cocaine and ganja has washed ashore in the Cayman Islands within the past three years.