Defendant denies using mother's car in armed robbery

Accused takes stand in Blackbeard’s robbery trial

A man accused of using his mother’s “jeep” in an armed robbery at a Grand Cayman liquor store has denied any involvement in the crime, claiming, “I would not be so stupid.” 

Andrew Lopez, 22, admitted he had used the black Ford Escape, which he referred to in testimony as a “jeep,” earlier in the day, but said he left it in the driveway of his Prospect home with the keys in the ignition and the windows open. 

Taking the stand in Grand Court this week, he said he was with his girlfriend at the time of the December 2014 robbery at Blackbeard’s in Grand Harbor. 

“I did not rob the store with my mother’s jeep,” he said. 

“I wouldn’t be so stupid to take my mum’s jeep, pull up in front of a store where I know there are cameras and rob it. I would not do that. That would be wicked to my mum.” 

Lopez said he had no knowledge of the spray-painted gold shotgun found at his home. He also claimed he had not seen a tan purse and credit cards taken in the robbery and found at his home, until police showed them to him. 

Prosecutors say Lopez, along with Bron Webb and Randy Connor, held up the store on Dec. 17 using the Ford Escape as a getaway vehicle. All three men were arrested at Lopez’s home in Prospect shortly after the raid after armed police located the vehicle in the driveway. 

Lopez, a former John Gray High School student, claimed he had used his own white Mercedes as well as his mother’s vehicle at various points throughout the day. He told the court he had arrived at his home in Morningside Drive at around 6:30 p.m., leaving the car in the driveway with the key in the ignition. 

He said he then spent some time alone in his room with his girlfriend before driving her, in the Mercedes, to another location where she could get a lift home to West Bay. 

When he returned to his house in Prospect, he said, he did not see the Ford Escape and believed his mother had taken it to George Town. He spent some time sitting with his brother playing video games before returning to his room. 

When he opened the back door to let the breeze in, he said he saw the Ford Escape outside and noticed his friend Webb smoking a cigarette close to the car. 

He said it was unusual for the vehicle to be parked in that spot, and he climbed into the driver’s seat to move it. At that point the police showed up. 

“I saw the police officers running towards me with guns. I was scared. I thought it was guys coming to kill me or something.” 

He said he was aware that Webb, Connor and another man not before the court were also arrested at the scene, but he denied knowing they were on the premises until the moment police arrived.