Strand shopping center for sale for $15M

Strand shopping center for sale for $15M

The Strand shopping center on West Bay Road, home to numerous stores, restaurants and medical and dental offices, has gone on the market for just over US$15 million. 

The Foster’s Food Fair supermarket and Kirk Freeport store, which are based at The Strand but are independently owned, are not part of the sale. 

In all, 24 units, including the Whiskey Mist bar, are being sold. Realtor Kim Lund said the new owner would inherit the rental agreements with store owners on the site. 

Other businesses at the Strand include Paperman’s Coffee House, The Strand Dental Clinic and the Canton Chinese Restaurant. 

“The rental agreements vary from between three and 20 years, so it won’t impact the retailers at all at this point,” Mr. Lund said. 

He said the current owners decided to sell in order to raise money for other investments. He said the shopping center provided a net return of between 7 percent and 9 percent from rental incomes. There is also potential to develop further units on the site, he added. 

Mr. Lund said The Strand, close to The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and Seven Mile Beach, has the best location of any shopping center on the island. 

“Cayman is starting an unprecedented development boom that will add massive infrastructure, not only to the Seven Mile Beach corridor, but other areas of Grand Cayman as well. The Strand Shopping Center is an investment opportunity located in the very heart of this boom,” he said in promotional literature for the sale. 

The shopping center, comprising 79,758 square feet of owner and tenant space on a 6-acre site, was the largest in Grand Cayman when it was completed in 1997. 

The Strand shopping center is up for sale. - PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY

The Strand shopping center is up for sale. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY


  1. If Dart were to buy this property people would probably scream holy hell. I am sure there’s plenty of wealthy Caymanian business owners and individuals that can afford to and are willing to invest their own country. Personally I hope Dart stays away from this and let see what happens. However if the property sits there with no one else showing interest I’d say more power to them if they buy it and add it to the Kingdom on Camana Bay.

    A lot of people may even want to by it but not at the listing price then scream foul if Dart were to pay full price for it. Like the owners have an obligation to lower their prices and sell it to them to keep Dart from owning it.

    Question for Brian, Is that Road Crown Land or part of the Strand Property ? Just curious about your comment regarding it being fixed using public money, if you could elaborate that would be great..

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