East End school launches home reading program

East End Primary School has launched a home reading program that encourages children to embrace books and, organizers hope, will lay the foundation for young students to become lifelong readers. 

At the launch of the program on Monday, Sept. 21, Minister of Education Tara Rivers read aloud her favorite children’s book, “The Little Engine That Could,” to the students.  

She also recommended the book to the kids, in keeping with the school’s “Book It Forward” campaign. “Book It Forward,” created by Youtube child star Kid President, encourages readers to introduce others to their favorite books. 

The school’s reading program includes more than 1,300 fiction and non-fiction books, take-home book bags and reading rewards, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Education on Friday.  

Minister Rivers joined the students, staff, members of the community and other guests at the launch celebrations.  

“Having resources available for our students to engage in reading on a daily basis helps to provide a good foundation to build a culture of readers and lifelong learners,” Ms. Rivers said. 

Jessica Jackson, the school’s literacy coach and initiator of the program, said, “Research shows that children who spend time engaged with books have more developed vocabularies, knowledge of spelling, verbal fluency and reading comprehension skills and a wider knowledge of the world around them.” 

Students were invited after assembly on Monday to browse the school’s newly stocked Home Reading Library and select a book to take home for the very first time.  

The program is sponsored by Genesis Trust. Literacy Is For Everyone, also known as LIFE, helped the school find Genesis Trust as its partner.  

Paul Drake, managing director of Genesis Trust, and Roger Priaulx, director, funded the resources to start the program. 

“With [Genesis Trust’s] help, our students now have the opportunity to engage in daily reading at home, which will support the continual development of their literacy skills and foster a lifelong love for reading and learning,” school principal Allison Wallace said in the ministry’s statement. 

East End Reading Program

LIFE Executive Director Marilyn Connolly, Genesis Trust Director Roger Priaulx, Education Minister Tara Rivers, East End MLA Arden McLean and Jonathan Hawkes of Genesis at last week’s launch of the East End Primary School’s home reading program.


  1. Children must be taught to enjoy reading first before they will find anything interesting in a book.
    This can begin at the Home, school library, or the public library. If a parent is not in control of the child at home, home reading is out the door.
    Just giving a child a book and say go home and read, its not going to work. Most children now-a-days don’t even take the book from their school bags. They prefer to watch TV.
    A joyous and encouraging way for your class to enjoy reading is to select one book at each reading class.
    Students sit around in a circle, A child begins with the first page while each one listens and is told that they are going to be questioned about the page they read. Then the book is passed along to each child until the book is completed. When the book is completed each child is asked a question about the page they read.
    It is fun, and encourages the children to listen carefully and enjoy the book.

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