Shots fired in Di Kit-Chin robbery

Armed robbers burst into a takeaway restaurant Friday night and pointed a gun at the cashier, telling her she had two minutes to empty the till before they pulled the trigger.

Anthony Chin Jr., whose family own Di Kit-Chin restaurant in Prospect, said staff had been left shaken by the terrifying raid.

Three masked men, one carrying a pistol and two armed with machetes, carried out the robbery just before midnight. The men entered the property through a side door, firing a warning shot into an open attic space.

“They went to the cashier, which is my aunt, and told her to open the register. She was nervous and kept forgetting the password. The guy told her she had two minutes or they were going to kill her,” said Mr. Chin.

He said the man with the gun had ordered one of his accomplices to empty the register and the men had escaped with the cash, spilling notes across the floor as they ran away.As the men were leaving, they fired another shot into the air, he said.

Staff first noticed the three men, moving in the shadows close to the store, just before closing time on Friday. “One of our workers saw three figures near the hedges. At first he thought it was someone playing around,” he said.

Nobody was injured and the robbers made off with an undisclosed amount of cash from the till in Cayman and U.S. currency. The three robbers ran off in the direction of Mahogany Way following the raid, according to a police statement. The man who carried the gun was described as approximately 5’10” tall with a fair complexion. The two men with machetes were both described as having light complexions and being 5’2” tall.

Anyone with information about the robbery can contact George Town CID at 949-422 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. The worse is yet to come. US DOLLARS !!….. mean to tell me that people do not realize you can be killed for a US dollar now a days. Shop owners are still being complacent, stacking up cash in the till, especially US dollars !! and every one watching the cash pan instead of paying employers to be outside when its closing time.
    To make money you will have to spend money, even it means paying someone a few dollars to be outside watchman at all times.

  2. Another terrifying armed robbery.
    Police can’t be everywhere. And even if they catch the people responsible, who will dare to bear witness against them?

    30 years ago this would have been an unheard of crime. Now a daily occurrence. Time to allow responsible residents and business owners to be armed and fight back.

    Time to put some risk into this "risk free business model".

  3. I think that if you have a sign posted outside of your property door , saying wearing a hood and face mask would get you no service, but killed, and enforce it. Then I think that the robbers would stop.