Inmate sentenced for 2013 prison escape

Convicted killer and serial prison escapee Steve Manderson was sentenced Wednesday to 28 months’ imprisonment for his most recent jailbreak in August 2013. 

Acting Magistrate Angelyn Hernandez ordered the sentence to be served consecutively with the life sentence Manderson is serving for the 1993 murder of a prison guard. 

During the sentencing hearing, Crown counsel Scott Wainwright presented details of the case to the magistrate, including that Manderson alleged to police that prison Deputy Director Daniel Greaves aided his escape by providing a pair of cutting pliers. Manderson claimed this was part of a conspiracy to overthrow the then new Director of Prisons Neil Lavis. 

“The police thoroughly looked into it, and there was no evidence to support the allegations that he was making,” Mr. Lavis told the Cayman Compass. 

Manderson had also told police the escape was not planned. 

Manderson has escaped custody six times. Prior to 2013, his last prison break was in 2005, when he was on the run for five months. 

On Aug. 14, 2013, Manderson, his son Marcus Manderson and another inmate, Chadwick Bradford Dale, escaped from Northward prison by breaking out of the kitchen area of B Wing and cutting through a perimeter fence. 

Police launched a manhunt, but the inmates evaded capture for days. Dale was captured six days later and Steve Manderson was found two weeks after the break-out. Marcus Manderson was apprehended in November 2013. 

Steve Manderson was the last of the three to be sentenced for the 2013 prison break. In October 2013, Dale was sentenced to one year, to be served at the end of the six-year term he is serving for robbery. 

Marcus Manderson was sentenced in December 2013 to 15 months, to be served at the end of his 10-year term for possession of an unlicensed firearm. 

Steve Manderson

Steve Manderson escaped from Northward Prison on Aug. 14, 2013.