MLA Alva Suckoo silent on future plans

Bodden Town MLA Alva Suckoo declined to discuss on Monday any future political plans he may have with regard to political party membership. 

Mr. Suckoo said Monday that he felt a number of people in Cayman’s political arena were trying to use his colleague MLA Anthony Eden’s resignation from the Progressives party for their own purposes. 

“Too many people are speculating right now, it’s getting dangerous,” he said. “I’m not saying anything right at the moment.” 

Mr. Eden said Thursday that he would become an independent lawmaker and sit on the other side of the Legislative Assembly when the House next meets in the new year. His decision, he said, was the result of government’s proposal to change the Cayman Islands Immigration Law regulations to allow non-working members of same-sex couples to live with their partners as dependents. 

Progressives party leader Premier Alden McLaughlin said Friday that Mr. Eden’s departure left him disappointed, although it was “not entirely unexpected.” 

There was significant discussion over the weekend regarding whether Mr. Eden’s departure from the Progressives party would encourage his Bodden Town running mate, Mr. Suckoo, to leave as well. 

A number of political insiders, including a former premier’s office staffer and a former Bodden Town district party chairman, said they expected Mr. Suckoo to depart the Progressives in the coming weeks. Such a departure, they said, could threaten the stability of the Progressives-led government coalition if other independent members followed suit. 

Mr. Eden’s move by itself does not disrupt the overall balance of power in the Cayman Islands political arena. The longtime Bodden Town MLA joins independent Legislative Assembly members Ezzard Miller and Arden McLean on the opposite side of the assembly floor, along with three opposition Cayman Islands Democratic Party members – including Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush. 

That leaves the Progressives-led coalition government with 11 members, not counting Speaker of the House Juliana O’Connor-Connolly. 

Further complicating matters, Premier McLaughlin was in the United Kingdom for the Joint Ministerial Council meeting with the U.K. and its overseas territories when the situation with Mr. Eden arose. He offered no comment regarding the political maneuvering. 

Mr. Suckoo

Mr. Suckoo


  1. I think Mr Al Suckoo is doing the right thing, although I am almost sure he does not need an audience to tell him what to do, I still believe he is one who will discuss with the people who voted him in.
    Al has always been a person to listen intently and take good advice, and much of that good advice has came from First elected member Anthony Eden. He was also brought up by a God fearing family and up until today walk in the faith.
    When the time comes I am expecting he will do the right thing. "If God is for us…" has always been a quote, but the question is are we there for him so that no man can be against us.