Diver dies on WB dive

Update: Police have confirmed that a 65-year-old male visitor from Tennessee, U.S., died after getting into difficulty on a boat dive Sunday.

The man had arrived in Cayman with his wife the day before.

He was pronounced dead at the Cayman Islands Hospital, after being transported there by an ambulance that was called to West Bay Dock to assist the diver at 10:27 a.m. 

Police said the ambulance crew and emergency medical technicians continued CPR on the diver following his arrival at the dock.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Joint Marine Unit is conducting an investigation into the incident.


Original story: A diver on a boat dive died after surfacing in distress Sunday. 

According to Stephen Duval, Cayman Islands Emergency Medical Services manager, the diver was pulled from the water and resuscitation efforts took place on board the boat.  

The diver, who had been on a dive with Reef Divers, was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, but did not survive, police said. 

A representative of Reef Divers, which operates tours from Cobalt Coast in West Bay, confirmed that the person had died. 

Snorkeling trouble  

Mr. Duval said there was a separate incident off Seven Mile Beach where two people, who he said were likely free diving for lobster, began to have difficulty in the water.  

A police representative said the two were helped to safety by a nearby dive boat and transported to the hospital by ambulance. Neither was seriously injured. 


  1. I’m very sad to hear about the tragic death of the diver,and I give the family my condolences.

    But in regard to the free divers in the seven mile beach waters, is that area a NO take zone ? I hope that they got a big enough scare to teach them that they were possible looking lobsters in a illegal place.

  2. I agree with this last comment. there are too many people violating the no take zone and not enough enforcement. There are also not enough buoys in the area where people snorkel and someone is going to get killed by a jet skier. There are no buoys between Sunset Cove and the Marriott where there are lots of snorkelers

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