Routes announced for free Purple Ribbon buses

Purple Ribbon buses
Purple Ribbon buses

Buses will run throughout Grand Cayman to take revelers home

Purple Ribbon buses
Purple Ribbon buses

Routes for the free Purple Ribbon buses on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day have been announced by The National Drug Council, organizers of the initiative.

“Although many of our residents drive responsibly, there are still those who believe they can drink and then drive safely, despite evidence to the contrary,” said Brenda Watson, program manager for the National Drug Council. “Drink driving wrecks lives, can lead to arrest and imprisonment, loss of one’s driver’s license, and can ultimately be responsible for taking someone’s life or your own.

“We would like to change the culture of our people to one where drinking and driving is no longer the norm, but rather a culture where our people begin to plan ahead and designate a driver, or on nights such as this they utilise the FREE bus service. Whether you’re in North Side or West Bay, we anticipate having buses every 10 to 15 minutes running a regular route. Just look out for a bus with purple lights, flag it down and ride to your destination for free!” said Ms. Watson.

The buses will ply seven routes, offering rides to people across the island who have been drinking during the new year celebrations.

Buses to East End and North Side will leave from Camana Bay every hour.

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People can flag down the buses outside restaurants, bars and bus stops along the bus routes. The buses, run by Reid’s Premiere Tours, will be highly visible with flashing purple lights and exterior reflective signs.

The buses will be in operation between 9 p.m. Thursday and 4 a.m. Friday.

They will follow these routes:

Bus 1 – Leaves from Morgan’s Harbour in West Bay 

Batabano Road-Mount Pleasant Road to Pappagallo Restaurant-Mount Pleasant Road to Birch Tree Hill Road-Hell Road-Cracked Conch/Macabuca-West Bay Road-Camana Bay (Terminal 1) (Passengers may transfer to eastbound bus)-Harbour Drive-Boilers Road-Goring Avenue-Eastern Avenue-West Bay Road-Return to Morgan’s Harbour

Bus 2 – Leaves from Public Beach on Seven Mile Beach 

West Bay Road-Camana Bay (Terminal 1) (Passengers may transfer to eastbound bus)-Harbour Drive-South Church Street-Memorial Drive-Walkers Road-Hospital Road-Edward Street-Fort Street-Harbour Drive-North Church Street-Camana Bay (Terminal 1)-Return to Public Beach

Bus 3 – Leaves from Cayman Falls on West Bay Road 

West Bay Road-North Church Street-Harbour Drive-South Church Street-Walkers Road-Hospital Road-Smith Road-Fort Street-Mary Street-North Church Street-West Bay Road-Camana Bay (Terminal 1) (Passengers may transfer to eastbound bus)-Centennial Towers-Return to Cayman Falls

Bus 4 – Leaves from Royal Palms on West Bay Road 

West Bay Road-North Church Street-Harbour Drive-Cardinall Avenue-Shedden Road-Eastern Avenue-Camana Bay (Terminal 1) (Passengers may transfer to eastbound bus)-Public Beach-Return to Royal Palms

Bus 5 – Leaves from George Town Public Library 

South Church Street-Walkers Road-Elgin Avenue-Camana Bay (Terminal 1) (Passengers may transfer to eastbound bus)-Public Beach-Return to George Town Public Library

Bus 6 – Leaves from Camana Bay (Terminal 1) 

Harquail Bypass-Eastern Avenue-West Bay Road-Public Beach-Return to Camana Bay (Terminal 1) (Passengers may transfer to eastbound bus)

Bus 7* – Leaves from Camana Bay, Terminal 1, eastbound bus 

Harquail Bypass-Industrial Park-Linford Pierson Highway-Shamrock Road-Grand Harbour-South Sound Road-South Church Street-Boilers Road-Elgin Avenue-Return to Camana Bay (Terminal 1)

*Goes to Kaibo/Rum Point/Morritt’s/Tortuga Club/East End Esso station every hour.

Several local companies and organizations are involved in providing the buses for free through their sponsorship, Ms. Watson said, including Dart, Jacques Scott, Cayman National Bank, Greenlight Re, Ecay and High Impact Media.

This is the 15th year the National Drug Council has been making the Purple Ribbon buses available on the streets of Cayman to try to ensure that people who have indulged in alcohol on New Year’s Eve do not get behind the wheels of their cars and drive home.

For more details, call the National Drug Council on 949-9000.

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