Radio station gives away free divorce

Around Valentine’s Day there are always contests, competitions and giveaways to help couples celebrate their love for each other, but one giveaway this year in Grand Cayman was designed to help couples who are no longer feeling the love.

The prize? A divorce.

On Monday, radio host Jason Howard gave away a free divorce during his “Breakfast Buzz” show on station Z99.

“We’ve done kind of anti-Valentine’s stuff before but nothing like this,” Mr. Howard said.
He said that divorce giveaways have become popular among radio stations around the world, and since he is going through a divorce himself, he had the idea to do the giveaway around Valentine’s Day this year.

At the beginning of February, the radio station invited listeners to share their stories to enter to win a free divorce from a website called

Mr. Howard said the number of responses was “shocking.” He said many of the stories were “cute and optimistic,” but many others were serious and sad.

The judges therefore decided to select someone they thought the free divorce would help the most. The station is keeping her identity private.

“The woman had gotten married very young and they had kids and rushed to get married,” Mr. Howard said. “She was from Europe, he was Caymanian … they just weren’t working.”

Mr. Howard said the woman had fallen on tough financial times, had “a lot on her plate and she was just looking for a fresh start and for someone to help her.”

The public’s response to the subject was positive, Mr. Howard said, although some people did call in to see if the contest was a joke.

“Divorce is a sensitive subject here, but it happens every day and it’s a subject that doesn’t have to be negative,” Mr. Howard said. “The end of it all is also the beginning.”

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