If the same old road races are leaving you cold, it’s time to challenge yourself and participate in Off the Beaten Track 2016, Cayman’s toughest off-road 50K relay and ultramarathon, on Sunday.

Now in its seventh year, Off the Beaten Track promises athletes a new route with countless twists and turns. It is a true trail race offering maximum challenges, where each participant will experience the exhilarating opportunity of venturing along the scenic hidden back roads, bush, dyke paths and maybe even white sandy beaches of Grand Cayman. Off the Beaten Track is perfect for adventurous runners looking for a different type of race through unchartered areas of the island.

Jens Pankalla makes a show of confidence.
Jens Pankalla makes a show of confidence.

Go it alone or as part of a team

Participants are invited to compete as solo runners, taking on the entire 50K course alone or in relay teams of up to six, with each runner completing a little over five miles each.

The relay competition has become increasingly popular in the last few years as it attracts runners of all levels who want to experience the uniqueness of the race without the punishing distance of the entire course. Why not gather a team of colleagues together and participate in the Corporate Relay competition to battle for the coveted title of the fittest team in Cayman?

The course

The 50K course changes every year, with runners having only one week to familiarize themselves with the route ahead of time. The altered course provides contrasting terrain that requires real capacity for adaptation from the athletes, while adding to the sense of adventure. Where else can you participate in a race that takes you right into the heart of nature?


Although fundamentally different, each Off the Beaten Track event has a common theme in that it aims to raise awareness and money for a Cayman charity and an international charity. In 2015, the event raised US$17,500, which was split equally between Meals on Wheels Cayman and Facing Africa. These charities will also be the beneficiaries of the 2016 race.

The face of determination, after one emerges from the foliage. - Photo: Ron Shillingford
The face of determination, after one emerges from the foliage. – Photo: Ron Shillingford

Meals on Wheels Cayman operates with the mission that no elderly person in the Cayman Islands will go hungry or experience social isolation.

Facing Africa is an established charity dedicated to helping children in sub-Saharan Africa affected by NOMA, a deadly gangrenous infection that affects the face. With an average mortality rate of 90 percent, this curable disease is suffered primarily by children under the age of 6 who are caught in a vicious cycle of extreme poverty.

Visit www.offthebeatentrack.ky to register. Registration will be accepted until noon on Saturday.

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