People Time Forgot: Adina ‘Tooksie’ Whittaker

Adina ‘Tooksie’ Whittaker

Tooksie Whittaker lived on Old School Lane in Breakers. She hated speeders and would recall for guests an accident which took place in her younger days:

“Them people drive to fool nowadays. Long time ago, a woman named Jessie crashed right into my fence with her horse. That’s what we called a saddle slide,” she would say.

In her later days, Ms. Whittaker would get weekly visits from the government nurse. The nurse would leave her tablets, but once the nurse left, Ms. Whittaker stored them away in a huge cookie jar. Instead, she resorted to natural medicine by placing bush leaves under the brim of her Pac-man cap. She passed away in 1994.

This photograph is from the book ‘The People Time Forgot’ by George Nowak, available at the National Museum. All proceeds go toward museum projects.