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The People Time Forgot: James Thomas

In this image, James Thomas receives a Christmas kiss from two young ladies, possibly members of his family. The photograph dates to the late ‘70s and was taken at the annual Rotary senior citizens’ Christmas party where the attendees came from all the districts throughout the island.

The People Time Forgot: Wompers

There was a time when only the more affluent Caymanians could afford to wear store-bought shoes on a regular basis, and those who had little money who did have nice shoes only wore them to church, weddings and other special occasions.

People Time Forgot: Duxey, Erskin and Cleveland Ebanks

Duxey Ebanks, Erskin Ebanks and Cleveland Ebanks performed for a private party in Dave Mitchell’s suite at the Galleon Beach hotel around 1973. Mr. Mitchell was the general manager of the hotel at the time and would hire the trio on occasion to perform for guests, or during the annual Easter regatta.

The People Time Forgot: Ronald Martin Ebanks

Ronald Martin Ebanks was known as one of West Bay’s top fishermen.

The People Time Forgot: Duxey Ebanks

Without question, Duxey Ebanks was one of West Bay’s grand old fiddlers.

People that time forgot: The thatch workers

Using silver thatch to make baskets, hats, fans, brooms and, of course, rope is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There was a time when making rope was an important part of the Cayman Islands’ economy.

The people time forgot: Lemmie McLaughlin

Lemmie McLaughlin never did go to sea like most men of the eastern districts.

The People Time Forgot: Capt. Callan Hunter Ritch

Capt. Ritch dropped anchor in nearly every harbor on the globe and he had the ship logs to prove it.

The People Time Forgot: Linda Whittaker

Linda Whittaker was considered the best land crab chef in North Side.

People time forgot: Welly E.K. Wellington

Everyone knows “Welly’s Cool Spot.” The ever-popular restaurant and bar is still as popular today as it was back in 1982, when this photo was taken.

A night to remember

This old photo offers up a fun twist on the “People Time Forgot” series featured in the District Days section.

The People Time Forgot: James A. Ryan

James A. Ryan, photographed at his office in this image taken around 1979, was one of the most respected and loved gentlemen on Cayman Brac.

The People Time Forgot: Winson Miller

Winson “Vinson” Miller, of North Side was a mariner, eventually rising to the position of third mate, a licensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship who is customarily the ship’s safety officer and fourth-in-command.

People Time Forgot: Adina ‘Tooksie’ Whittaker

Tooksie Whittaker lived on Old School Lane in Breakers. She hated speeders and would recall for guests an accident which took place in her younger days:

The People Time Forgot: Edward Patterson

Edward Patterson was the proprietor of “God’s People Market,” which was located in George Town. Mr. Patterson usually wore military fatigues and boots, but he had no guns. “I’m a farm soldier,” he would say. “God is on my side.”

The People Time Forgot: Rachel Rankin

Rachel Rankine’s home was located near the old Cayman Diving lodge in East End. She enjoyed playing guitar, though usually her instrument had no more than a few strings.

Wompers and thatch in East End

Snapped in a moment in time in the late 70’s, this image features all things “Caymanian” as an unidentified gentlemen walks along the seaside under the shade of coconut palms in East End.

Sollie Ebanks, the king of North Sound

In his time Solomon “Sollie” Ebanks was known as the King of North Sound. He knew the waters of the sound better than the huge...

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