The People Time Forgot: Edward Patterson


Edward Patterson called himself a ‘farm soldier.’
Edward Patterson called himself a ‘farm soldier.’

Edward Patterson was the proprietor of “God’s People Market,” which was located in George Town. Mr. Patterson usually wore military fatigues and boots, but he had no guns. “I’m a farm soldier,” he would say. “God is on my side.”

His small store was packed with everything you could imagine. There was not a nook or cranny that was not filled with something, be it pencils, batteries, sewing needles, or light bulbs. You name it, Mr. Patterson had it.

Outside the store, he displayed and sold everything from bicycles to coconuts. He was a hard-working entrepreneur who could always figure out a way to make a dollar. If you had something to promote, Mr. Patterson would endorse your business or product over his public address system, the speakers attached to the roof of his car, which he would drive around town.

He stayed especially busy during election times.

Mr. Patterson passed away in 1999.

This photograph is from the book “The People Time Forgot” by George Nowak, available at the National Museum. All proceeds from the sales of the book go toward museum projects.


  1. People like Mr. Patterson, should be one of our Heroes to look up to in Heroes Square. His quaint little shop, to me was Cayman’s first supermarket, because it had a little of everything.
    He did much for this country in keeping us in food back in the day. You could always buy a half pound of cod fish or one red herring for your breakfast. Half a hand of plantain or banana, piece of yellow yam or half a breadfruit. On one side of the shop on full display, another section you would find the can beans with one or two housewares, local made brooms, and a secret window with a curtain covering a chill box with a few beers and bottle of Jamaica white rum with a few empty nip bottles to make the half and half. (that is half white rum and half water) Nip.
    A man to be remembered and too many stories not to be recognized.

  2. The original “Farmer’s Market” man. Always with a quick observation and something humorous added to it!
    A son of the soil and a man who never made an enemy. Everyone was his friend. May his memory always be with us.

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