People Time Forgot: Duxey, Erskin and Cleveland Ebanks

duxey-bandIn this image, Duxey Ebanks on the fiddle, Erskin Ebanks on the cow-skin drum, and Cleveland Ebanks on the grater perform for a private party in Dave Mitchell’s suite at the Galleon Beach hotel around 1973.

Mr. Mitchell was the general manager of the hotel at the time and would hire the trio on occasion to perform for guests, or during the annual Easter regatta. Cleveland Ebanks was also the chef at the old Galleon.

All three have since passed on. However, the lively, traditional music they provided for visitors during this era will never be forgotten.

This photograph is from the book ‘The People Time Forgot’ by George Nowak, available at the National Museum. All proceeds from the sales of the book go toward museum projects.

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