A night to remember

A group shot of the Cayman Islands contingent at a party thrown by developer Don Dice near On Monday, April 11, in East End a Chicago in 1975. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED

This old photo offers up a fun twist on the “People Time Forgot” series featured in the District Days section.

Here are Some People Time Forgot (and some who are still with us). The year was 1975, the place was just outside of Chicago, in Elgin, Illinois. The event was a huge party thrown by Don Dice to promote the Cayman Islands and his new development, Cayman Kai. A delegation of some 30 Cayman Islands locals were invited to the event to party, dine and dance with potential investors, landowners, homeowners and dive enthusiasts.

Pictured in the image are several well-known individuals from the Cayman community, including past Misses Cayman Islands Lovenia Ebanks and Dorothy Dennis, along with Andy (the Cayman Cowboy) Martin.

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