Accounts without accountability

I wonder if I will ever see the day when a senior civil servant accepts responsibility for his/her incompetence and resigns?

While the consequence of incompetence or incapability in the private sector is to be shown the door, in the civil service the “penalty” is either promotion, a “sideways move” or a few years of “required leave” on full salary! To note just a few examples, I would ask why no one is apparently held accountable/responsible for …

  • The cocaine, the dirt bikes and goodness-knows-what-else that has disappeared from what should be one of the most secure places on the island?
  • The welfare payments which are handed out to all and sundry without necessary checks and follow-up
  • The tremendous cost of repairs to (their) cars and boats which is caused by the irresponsible police themselves
  • The millions of dollars which is compensated to police, judges and other individuals as a result of botched investigations
  • The chief officers, police and firemen, who are “punished” for their incompetence by being sent on paid leave for years
  • The supposed fact that only four people currently qualify for veterans’ benefits, while 162 continue to receive it!

It is a sad fact that there are many persons in senior positions in the civil service, who are incompetent and simply incapable of functioning at their lofty level. Even more regrettable is the fact that these people will never accept responsibility for their inept leadership and they will never be demoted or fired. I wish Franz Manderson well in his losing battle.

B.M. Williams

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