Bid process for high school begins

Government hopes to restart work on John Gray High School this summer. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay

Work on the new John Gray High School building is expected to restart in June, according to the Ministry of Education.

The ministry announced Wednesday that it has begun a bidding process for some of the construction work, intending to pre-qualify contractors for the project.

“Once a contractor has been selected, it is expected that the first phase – the school’s gymnasium – will be completed by May 2017,” the government announcement stated.

According to the government, starting work on the project with the gym was done because the building is considered “central” to the school’s infrastructure. The gym is already 60 percent completed, officials said.

“So much of what happens … at the school takes place in this one building,” said Jonathan Matthews, the senior project manager. “Exams, school assemblies, PTA meetings, sporting, community and other special events will all take place in the gymnasium.”

Once work begins on the gym, planning for the design and construction of the rest of the school will be reviewed, officials said. The new John Gray High School project, which began its initial construction in 2008, has faced major delays followed by a long layoff in any construction work as government struggled with its budget.


  1. Our High schools are beautiful well equipped, but our students are not.
    95% of the girls cannot thread a needle, much less sew a garment. Most of them cannot boil an egg or bake a pudding. Seem as the boys they know nothing about survival in the event of a catastrophe. Most students do not know the names of places, buildings and persons, so I am wondering what are they being prepare for.
    They day will come when some of them will want to know how to plant pumpkin and watermelon seeds, plant cassava and yam, and know what time to reap fruits. We are an island, not a city and our children need to be aware of much more culture habits than is being taught. And then we ask ourselves who to blame? Its we ourselves.

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