Suspect pulled gun on police

Police say Jonathan Welcome is ‘armed and dangerous’

Jonathan Welcome
Jonathan Welcome

Police are hunting a 22-year-old man who pointed his gun at police in a stand-off in George Town in the early hours on Sunday.

Armed officers on patrol near McField Square had attempted to question the man, who police named as Jonathan Welcome, from Bodden Town.

During the confrontation, the man pulled a gun and pointed the weapon at the officers.

A police officer pulled his firearm in response and commanded Welcome to drop his weapon, but the gunman refused to comply, police said.

A police statement said the officer had exercised “extraordinary restraint and concern for public safety” as a large crowd had gathered nearby.

“The man, while pointing the gun at the officers, fled into the densely populated area of Rock Hole where he was able to elude capture,” the statement said.

Police on Monday issued a photograph of Welcome, along with an appeal for public assistance to locate him. They said he was considered “armed and dangerous” and should not be approached.

Police are urging anyone with information about Mr. Welcome’s whereabouts to call them on 949-4222 or to call Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS). Anonymous tips can be also be placed online at


  1. This can only happen in Cayman. Man think he bad, pull gun on police in Jamaica, he get one Big gun shot bus in his what’s -it- not .
    Now if anyone think that well this has not happened in my prestige area and I am not worried, “Big mistake”. The day will come and one of these people will take it upon themselves to shoot a police officer. ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE” trust me, because you will then have family vigilante of the police who will do what they have to do TO BRING VIGILINTE JUSTICE. Trust me on that too. My suggestion is that those in Authority had better do what they have to do, before it is their daughter or son gets gunned down on the streets of Cayman.

  2. This proves the police are actually either afraid to or have been instructed to never discharge their weapon. Now all the other bad guys know what won’t happen when they point their guns at even armed police in Cayman. Anyone who points a gun at the police or anyone should have been put down. This was the losing move for the RCIPS no crook will take them seriously now. Who’s going to believe a police force of unarmed offices and even armed officer the will not shoot can protect the public.

    Safe Cayman doesn’t exist any longer and we all know it, yet people still are not willing to admit it. It to late to go back but all doesn’t have to be lost, the RCIPS need to be armed and have the right resource to fight crime in the new Cayman. Right they are taken for nothing more than a joke or a minor inconvenience to he crooks. I’m sure this cat had a good laugh with his boys about this..

    I hate to say it but right now a lot of people are afraid to come to Cayman on Vacation and the list is growing.

  3. Michael you are right but….

    This apparently didn’t happen on a deserted street but among a crowd of people.

    Now personally if I saw someone pull a gun I would get as faraway from them as possible.
    Unfortunately this bunch of people apparently thought it would be more fun to gather around in case someone got shot.
    Which could of course so easily be them!

    It is remarkably hard to accurately shoot someone even at fairly close range. What happens if the police officer accidentally shot one of the dummies standing around?
    And what if the charming Mr. Welcome shot back? He would either shoot a police officer or perhaps a bystander.

    Sad to say by I think they made the right call. ONLY BECAUSE of the dummies who must have thought they were watching a movie shootout not a real one.

  4. Got your point Normal, However the sad thing is that now a precedent has been set that says all they need to do is threaten the public safely and they will get away.

    This is one of the reasons government do not negotiate with terrorists..Because when they do you’re left in a vulnerable state much as all the residents of Cayman are right now.

    The whole face of Cayman is going change along with it’s landscape.

    • Mr Davies, in your world, more people will be burying their kinfolk and more people will end up locked away.
      The police are trained to assess the risks in each situation and this is what I believe happened here. It does not set a precedent and if the officer believed that his or some other persons life was in imminent danger (which is the legal test for using deadly force) and that there was no alternative, then they would have used their weapon.
      In this case there will not be an funerals and, hopefully, the suspect will be apprehended.
      What I do find interesting is that some commentators on here focus on the police actions while they ignore the behaviour of those who seek to undermine life in these islands.

  5. Michael you are correct, and I am looking at the police as NOT doing a good job of getting guns off the street.
    They should be pulling down cars every night the moon shine and every day the sun sets. Stop just driving around looking at people and GET GUNS OFF THE STREET.
    We the public should not have to tell you what to do. We are just fed up that is all, because you the police know who, when where and what is going on.

  6. Twyla. I agree 100% that the guns and the thugs should be off the streets.

    But what are you really suggesting? Random stop and searches of cars? Searching of homes without a search warrant?

    Sure they can get search warrants based on reasonable suspicion but that means a member of the public telling them about a friend, family member or neighbor.

    Don’t kid yourself. These armed criminals are well known in their communities. But no one talks. Break the silence barrier and guns will be off the street.

    • Absolutely, Mr Linton – people know who has the guns and where this suspect is but they have no conscience or public spirit and it is far easier to blame the police for everything

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