Inmates help the elderly

Prisoners and staff work on the yard of a 99-year-old resident and her 78-year old daughter, at their Northward home in Bodden Town.

On the eve of Corrections Week, prisoners and staff of the Cayman Islands Prison Service provided assistance to the elderly in need.

On April 23, the Prison Service paid a visit to the home of a 99-year-old Northward resident and her 78-year old daughter. The Prison Service group arrived with supplies for clearing what had become an overgrown yard and garden. They cleaned up the yard, cut trees, trimmed plants and cleared the property of litter.

The needed cleanup was brought to the attention of the Prison Service through a concerned relative who sought help for the mother and daughter, who were unable to carry out the yard work themselves due to their age and health concerns.

“We were asked to assist, and we are happy to, where we can, especially those in our community who are vulnerable and in need,” said Raquel Solomon, the Prison Service spokeswoman.

“The prisoners are also happy to do things outside of their normal routine and help others.”
Appreciative of the effort, the 99-year-old resident treated the cleanup party to songs as they worked.


  1. This was very awesome for the prisoners assisting this elderly lady with clean up, and I believe it should not stop there. Prisoners should always be encouraged that they are appreciated giving a helping hand. Many years ago the prisoners used to clean up the parks and roadsides, residents were happy and they were happy.
    I would like to make a request that the prison authority give a helping hand with the prisoners to Clean up the Harry McCoy Park, and The Gun Square road side. It is a total disgrace to tourist visiting the area every day.

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