Do something about the dump


“On the landfill: No plan, no timetable – and no money,” June 6

We can’t embarrass the Cayman Islands government about this disgraceful landfill. I think the only thing that we can do to get them to do something about it, is to take it and put it in their front yard, then they might do something about it.

Ron and Clair Ebanks


Apart from the Zika threat – this landfill issue will kill us. Not just the bad small and negative PR. I mean literally.

Until a solution is found, I suppose we all have to stock up on gas masks to prevent long-term irreversible health issues. I suppose we all can buy new lungs and get blood transfusions until the problem is fixed. What about property values in all the fancy canal lots and properties along the North Sound?

Thank God – me nah living close to this mess!

This dump has to go and I would encourage the current PPM government to go eat some humble pie and beg Mr. Dart to take over this mess once and for all. You don’t have to be a financial wizard to see you will save yourself US$100 million and countless lives and medical bills incurred by the nation. Put this money to work – pay down national debt and plug holes in the ticking time bomb called national pensions which is about to go bust in a few years’ time.

Please stop sitting on your hands or hiring useless consultants which will take you back to first base – which is to go have a talk with Mr. Dart.

Clarence Ebanks


Sadly, Alden McLaughlin and his colleagues had the opportunity to tackle this when they were in power before and fluffed it. I remember in 2006 that rather than actually deal with the dump they did things like going to the U.S. to explore “waste to energy” while at the same time ignoring practical solutions, including one that would have created a proper recycling facility.

In fact, if you look back, it seems they did everything except tackle the problem, and when they lost the 2009 election, all they left behind was an even bigger pile of trash waiting to be sorted out. This just sounds like history repeating itself.

David Williams


The dump situation could have been fixed, but the PPM came up with a “Voters Plan” and the people of Bodden Town took it – “hook, line and sinker.”

Yes, I remember everybody going down to the slaughter by the PPM’s “No Dump in Bodden Town” privately held meetings, fooling the people that truckloads of garbage would be hauled up here every day from all over the island and from the dump, creating a dump in this district. Most people never wanted to hear the facts as to what would take place, and now we are still faced with Mount Trashmore.

The Bodden Town Progressives government promised, and bellowed from podiums and sidewalks, that so many bad things were going to take place by putting the dump in the area designated, and had the people revved up and ready to fall into a ravine of untruth.

Now, three years later, no solution, no plans and half the crowd is still drunk with the Kool-Aid.

Twyla Vargas

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