ICCI inducts students into honorary society

International College of the Cayman Islands students and inductees of the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society.

Fifteen students from the International College of the Cayman Islands have been inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society chapter.

This is the college’s first academic honor society.

The induction took place on June 5 at the George Town Yacht Club.
Felicia Bodden, Cynthia Campbell, Shenek Conolly, Ava Fearon, Kimari Fletcher-Barrett, Paula Ford, George Gorham, Derick Johnson, Melody Martin, Patriann Monteith, Desiree Myles, Naresa Robinson, Cashema Rankine, Diana Virtue and Jeoffery Walton were the students inducted.

“This is another big win for ICCI students and tertiary education in Cayman,” said ICCI President David Marshall. “Student membership in Sigma Beta Delta is additional evidence that our students are coming out of our programs prepared for the workforce and are competitive on the global stage.”

Founded in 1994, Sigma Beta Delta recognizes scholarship and accomplishments among accounting, business administration and management students. It also encourages and promotes personal and professional improvement. To be invited to the membership by the faculty, students must be in the top 20 percent of their academic program and be considered to have a good moral character.

“I am extremely thankful to receive this honor, to show to my employer, and have it be put in my employee file,” said ICCI graduate student Ava Fearon. “It is an acknowledgment of all the hard work of studying while maintaining a full-time job and doing it at the highest level.”

The ceremony included an address by guest speaker Dr. Randy McLeod, vice president and board member of Sigma Beta Delta.

“When employers come to colleges and universities looking for talent, they don’t say give me your average student. They always ask for the best students. You are the best students at the International College, and you are being selected for membership in an organization with some of the best business students in the world,” said Mr. McLeod, who is also a business administration professor at Harding University.

Mr. McLeod presented the official charter from the Sigma Beta Delta U.S. national office formally approving ICCI’s chapter, and also presented each student with a certificate, pin and honor cord – all symbols of membership.

“As a student,” said ICCI accounting student Derick Johnson, “you want to be part of something to help give you a bright future and make you stand out from the crowd.”
Sigma Beta Delta has more than 400 chapters internationally and more than 85,000 members. About 5,000 members a year are inducted.

Lance Barnes, Melisa Hamilton, Dr. Alicia Law, and Wayne McManus are the new faculty chapter officers. ICCI founder and President Emerita Dr. Elsa M. Cummings and ICCI board chair Mike Mannisto were inducted as honorary members.

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