Queen’s Birthday tea nets funds for land

Guests enjoyed a selecton of exotic teas.

Brackers were out in force last week to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday in Cayman Brac.

The Cayman Brac committee for the National Trust held the event on the public holiday, Monday, June 13, at the Brac Heritage House.

“The local committee of National Trust sponsors this combined effort of ticket sellers, food and tea fixers, raffle helpers, artists, set up, kitchen help, clean up, dishwashers and, of course, our guests,” said event coordinator Kathleen Bodden-Harris, noting the event brought out a community spirit.

“Each helped make this a spectacular event. Even non-members stepped in to lend a hand where needed. This offers a true feel for the sense of community the National Trust evokes.”

The event raised more than $1,600 toward the Trust’s Lands Acquisition Fund.

“Our team of raffle ticket sellers did a marvellous job, bringing the Split-the-Cash pot to $1,200,” said Ms. Bodden-Harris. She noted Minnie Branch won the split and graciously donated an additional half toward the Lands Acquisition Fund. Assorted articles such as a welcome basket, suitcases and jewelry were also raffled individually.

The raffle sales went toward the Land Reserves Programme.
The raffle sales went toward the Land Reserves Programme.

Guests enjoyed mingling as savory and sweet treats were served in the elegant setting of the Heritage House garden grounds on decorated tables. Attendees sipped exotic and local teas from delicate tea cups and glasses, while soothing classical music filled the air.

Inside the Heritage House, a display of artwork showcased the diverse talents of local artists and artisans.

“This was the fourth such annual celebration, that is greatly anticipated by the public,” said Ms. Bodden-Harris.

“Though an English tradition, it affords an opportunity to celebrate our nationality while blending our tropical heritage [and is] the perfect scenario for natives and visitors to mingle each year as schools close and islanders begin to disperse for their holidays from the heat.”

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