‘Make Caymanians great again’

I would like to make a few points about real issues that are effectively weakening the landscape, culture, heritage and moral makeup of who we were and what we represented as Caymanians.

The Cayman Islands and its people have always been known for their resilience and creative ability to adapt to almost any hardship. Yet we see our self-value and identity disappear overnight. Fifty years is not a long time.

We were once viewed as not only a hard-working people, but great innovative seaman and engineers who worked on some of the largest shipping vessels in the world. Yet we systematically failed at capitalizing and building on that prestige and professionalism, which placed us amongst the best.

Failing to carry forward that level of greatness throughout our generational growth over the years has come at a grave cost. If we had done so, we could have demanded respect, reserved our place in today’s society and more importantly paved the way in setting good examples for future generations.

Instead, we have allowed other cultures and influences to dictate to us as to who we are, what we should be, where we are going and how we should get there.

That is not the traditional Caymanian way. We must first create and rebuild the reputation we once had and enjoyed, while ensuring we have a sustainable environment for our own people before considering doing anything else.

We now have a rare and unique situation where there are more highly educated Caymanians than ever before. If history has done anything at all, it has taught us we can be great contributors who demand a higher level of acceptance within today’s advanced and competitive environment. This in turn will place us back where we once were, at the beginning of a robust and thriving economy created on the backs of our hard-working forefathers.

So, I ask for us all to come together, unite and reclaim our glory. Carve out our own individual identities within the Cayman Islands landscape and inspire future generations to carry forward the torch of success, allowing us to enjoy all the benefits available, ultimately the fruits of the hard-working Caymanians past and present. Let’s invest back in our people and make Caymanians great again.

Mario Rankin

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