Third senior customs officer takes early retirement

Customs Department training manager Langley Powery will become the third senior department official to take early retirement this month, as a shift in personnel continues there.

Mr. Powery, who has been at the department since 1979, will retire early at age 55, effective July 31.

On July 1, former Deputy Customs Collectors Collie Powery and Emalie Wilks also took early retirement.

Mr. Langley Powery notified colleagues and friends of his pending departure Tuesday and told the Cayman Compass that he was stepping down to work full-time on a “retirement project” in West Bay.

“I’ve been building a fitness center next to Ed Bush field, the whole plan was started back in 2005,” Mr. Powery said. “Customs was just taking up more and more of my time and I wanted to get moving on my retirement project.”

Customs Collector Charles Clifford said Mr. Powery advised six months ago that he would be retiring. Mr. Clifford said he had “faithfully served” customs for 37 years.