Chief justice’s son admits to drug trafficking in Jamaica

Grand Court. - Photo: Chris Court

The adult son of Cayman’s chief justice admitted recently to drug trafficking charges in a court in Jamaica, according to news sources in Kingston.

Loop Jamaica first reported the arrest and guilty plea over the weekend. According to the news site and arrest documents provided to the Cayman Compass, David Anthony Ronald Smellie, 32, the son of Chief Justice Anthony Smellie, tried to ship more than 8 ounces of hashish to Canada by FedEx.

Smellie initially denied the charges but later admitted to three counts: possession of ganja, dealing and taking steps preparatory to export. The court fined him the equivalent of about US$125 on Aug. 19, according to Loop.

Another man arrested in the incident, Anthony Johnson, 48, was fined about US$190 in connection with the case.

According to court documents, Smellie tried to ship a package by Fedex with T-shirts, caps, wrist bands and a pair of leather slippers to a woman in Quebec. Inspectors on July 18 found that the slippers contained about 8.6 ounces of a “dark tar like substance resembling hashish.”

When police questioned Smellie about the shipment, he initially told them he bought the slippers “from a rasta man” and he must have gotten the wrong pair, according to court documents.

The documents from the Clerk of Court for Kingston and St. Andrew Parish, state, “Mr. Smellie then changed his story and said ‘I bought the leather and give it to a friend of mine name ‘Biggs’ along with three thousand dollars to make slipper for me; I alone drive my van to FedEx with the shipment.’”

Police later identified “Biggs” as Anthony Johnson, who was arrested along with Smellie. Initially, Smellie faced five counts for possession, dealing, conspiracy to export, taking preparatory steps to export, and trafficking ganja.

Chief Justice Smellie did not respond to requests for comment.


  1. Is there any one that wouldn’t get involved in the drug business these days ? Good thing he got busted in Jamaica and not Cayman because he would be in prison with all other drug smugglers and dealers where he should be . Look at the disgrace he’s putting his father through.

  2. Young Smellie is not a boy, he is a man, which I am sure was brought up in the right way. We really cannot blame ourselves for things our children do, They become men and women, making their own decisions and all we can do is continue to give good advice.
    I believe the first bank robbery was done by a preacher’s sons, Jessie James and his brother.

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