Cayman needs more info on Zika

Having worked in the field of maternal and child health in Africa for many years, I am greatly concerned as to the general response by the government to Zika. I also believe that the Cayman Compass needs to give a daily (or minimum weekly) update on Zika as a matter of priority, which includes what the government is doing, next steps, education etc.

There is not nearly enough information being circulated on the island. I am shocked that I haven’t seen groups of health officials out on the streets talking to people, educating, and asking people to get rid of pools of water on their properties.

My friend lives on Seven Mile Beach and every single flat has a small pool of warm festering water outside to wash their feet in. These are ideal breeding grounds for the Zika mosquito.

Those people/properties who ignore warnings should be held accountable. Government health officials should also be visiting neighborhoods on a regular basis, disseminating information and educating families.

The Cayman Compass needs to give out more information but also lobby the government to do more about Zika than it is already doing. I was with friends on Saturday night and not one person knew when Oxitec are planning to release more GM mosquitos or even if this is the plan.

Cayman Compass had a great article on Cuba’s epic response to Zika, yet with no relation to Cayman. I ask the question: What are the government here in Cayman doing to combat it?

There is a huge lack of information on Cayman’s plan to tackle Zika. Is this because there isn’t one?

We need clear, concise, and regular information and it should be seen as a matter of priority.

Philippa Richards

***Editor’s Note: For continuing and up-to-date coverage on the Zika virus, please visit the Compass’ Zika page.***

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