Not all CAL board members take free flights

I refer to the article in your issue of Friday, Sept. 2, under the caption, “Cayman Airways board members fly for free,” as well as to your editorial on the same subject in the issue of Monday, Sept. 5.

To be fair it should be clarified that not all former board members have taken advantage of this benefit.

I was chairman of Cayman Airways during the period 1985-88 and at the same time was Senior/Managing Partner of Hunter & Hunter, now Appleby.

During my tenure as chairman I only accepted free travel when flying on the airline’s business – in order to avoid any suggestion that I was using the airline to benefit my personal business.

Since my departure as Chairman, my wife and I have continued to be very frequent flyers but have refrained from accepting free tickets – a fact that can easily be verified through the airline’s own records or from a local reputable travel agency through whom the majority of my bookings are made.

By opting to do so, I consider that I have contributed many thousands of dollars to the coffers of the national airline.

I shall be grateful if you will give this letter equal prominence to your articles.

Arthur B. Hunter

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