What began as a fun, crazy way of recognizing health issues that affect men has become a worldwide phenomenon. In a nutshell, men agree to grow out their moustaches and be sponsored by others in order to raise money for research, testing and treatments.

The Cayman chapter of Movember has raised an extraordinary amount of money since its inception, and the number of participants grows every year.

As the website says, “We, at MO-Cayman never leave a MO-Bro to grow it alone, or as we say, ‘the MO, the merrier!’”

In case this is your first time attempting some facial hair above the upper lip, you may want to consult the list of MO-categories to help you decide upon a realistic goal. For example, if you would use the word “wispy” to describe your normal hair growth, going for the handlebar moustache might be a bit out of reach. If, on the other hand, you have the proud facial pelt of an Akita every time you put the razor aside for a couple of days, you could aim for the Tom Selleck look, circa 1982.


The Celebrity MO

Not only can you sport a fetching 'MO'; you can also wear an awesome T-shirt promoting the cause.
Not only can you sport a fetching ‘MO’; you can also wear an awesome T-shirt promoting the cause.

Come as your favorite moustached movie star, reality star or celebrity. Are you channeling Nick Offerman, Ron Burgundy, Freddie Mercury, Johnny Depp, Samuel L. Jackson, Mr. Potato Head or Tom Selleck as Magnum? This is the category for you. Grow your ‘tash and live the dream for a month (or more) …

The Costume MO

Dress to impress and provide the perfect ensemble to show your MO at its hairiest best. Be a real crowd pleaser – after all, this could be the best chance you get this year to be a fighter pilot or trucker, wear spandex, makeup and rubber prosthetics without getting worrying looks from loved ones.

The Classic MO

Let your MO do all the talking. Who needs to dress it up with fancy costumes, wigs and accoutrements? If it’s just about the MO, this is the category for you. The Fu Manchu, the hockey player, the handlebar, the horseshoe, the biker, or the toothbrush – can anything really beat a classic ‘tash?

The Barely MO

Need a magnifying glass to see the fruit of your upper-lip labors? Having trouble getting past first base when growing your MO? Have no fear, because there’s a category for you too. Come celebrate with fellow fallow top-lippers in the “Barely MO” category. In this category, less is definitely more.

The MO Sister

Be Little Miss MO 2016. Sisters are growing it for themselves. You can support the guys with an imaginative fake ‘tash. Now’s your chance to cross-dress and shows those boys who really wears the pants (see translation – trousers).

The winner of each category will compete for the much-coveted Golden Comb and become the Man of Movember 2016. Friends will admire you, your boss will give you that promotion, you’ll grow an inch (taller) and women will swoon at your feet from the allure of your manly MO.

Signing up

To take part, head over to the sign-up page on www.movember.ky and enter your details. Next, go along to Craft Food & Beverage Co. on West Bay Road on Tuesday from 5-10 p.m., pay the $25 registration fee and collect your limited edition Movember T-shirt.

To raise money for the cause with your MO, click on the “Donate” page which gives you options for getting sponsorship online.

You can also print out a sponsorship form and get your family and friends to sponsor you some money for taking the challenge and growing a MO for the month of Movember.

There are various events worth attending throughout the month of Movember which will help raise awareness and generate money for the cause.

'The Beatles' were previous winners, and it's easy to see why. - Photo: Norma Connolly
‘The Beatles’ were previous winners, and it’s easy to see why. – Photo: Norma Connolly

MOpening Night

Nov. 1

5-10 p.m.

Craft Food & Beverage Co.

Information Night

Nov. 17

7-9 p.m.

Lion’s Community Center

MOpen Golf

Nov. 25

8 a.m.– 8 p.m.

North Sound Golf Course

Closing Ceremony

Dec. 2

7-11:30 p.m.

The Island at Camana Bay

To sign up, learn “MO,” and bone up on your puns, visit the website at  www.movember.ky.

All proceeds raised from Movember are donated to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, which it uses to create awareness  of the disease and help with cancer treatments for those in the Cayman Islands who can’t afford it. Money will also be going toward the new chemotherapy unit in George Town.



  1. Just one thing to point out here: ALL money raised by Mo’vember Cayman stays in Cayman helping all who live here, creating awareness and opening the eyes of locals and expats alike to all Men’s Health issues! One stat to never forget is that 1 in 4 Afro-Caribbean men will develop prostate cancer at some stage in their life so PSA testing is massively important especially in those over 40! Drop down to the Lion’s Center on the 17th from 7 ’til 9 to have a FREE PSA test done (just a pin prick on your finger) and stop ignorance being the main killer of men! Ask questions and get true/real answers from the professionals who know! Otherwise, Grow a MO’ and Save a BRO!

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