Another horse was sexually assaulted overnight at the Equestrian Center in George Town, according to management there.

Jessica McTaggart Giuzio, with the Equestrian Center, said the pony did not appear to have any internal injuries and the vet gave Pebbles antibiotics and pain killers. By mid-morning Friday, Pebbles, a small pony used with children at the weekly pony park, was back on her feet and eating.

Ms. McTaggart Giuzio said staff found one of their small ponies laying in the grass Friday morning and showing signs of injury. She said a veterinarian from the Agriculture Department examined Pebbles and found evidence of the assault.

“She’s clearly been abused,” Ms. McTaggart Giuzio said, standing in the field with Pebbles Friday morning. She said the pony had been in field in the back of the property for the night.

In a press release Friday evening police said they are investigating the new assault and inquiries continue into the August attack.

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Police Superintendent Robert Graham, in the release, said, “We understand the resonance these disturbing attacks have within the community. This kind of abuse of an animal is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.”

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The overnight assault is similar to the Aug. 10 incident at the same property when someone assaulted two other ponies with a foreign object in one of the stables. Those two ponies, like Pebbles, were known to be gentle and calm around people.

One of the ponies in the August assault, Charm, developed a severe infection from internal injuries sustained during the assault and had to be put down. The other horse recovered. Police have not made any arrests in the August case.

Ms. McTaggart Giuzio said the Equestrian Center has been working to add additional security to the property at the corner of Linford Pierson Highway and Bobby Thompson way.

See Monday’s Cayman Compass for more details on this story.

This story has been updated from the original to include additional information from police.

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  1. Is it just me over-reacting, or has Grand Cayman gone to h_ll-in-a-handbasket over the past 5 years or so? Crime up, gang violence up, lizards getting mass-killed at a lizard sanctuary, horses getting sexually assaulted at equestrian center (for the 2nd time!), periodic shootings at bars here/there on an island when citizens aren’t even supposed to have guns, etc.

    I’m all for the gov’t installing internet-based cameras in almost all public places & roads, establishing a special tech dept so they actually make good use of said camera system, and actually being proactive about tracking down and destroying the crime presence on Cayman. And how about investigating where all this crazy crime increase is coming from? Gangs? Unemployed citizens? Jamaican visitors? Lets figure it out so it can be minimized.

    If it’s Jamaican brothers/sisters/friends, then actually lock down the border, only let do-gooders from there visit going forward, and deport the folks that have overstayed their welcome. If it’s not, then admit it’s Cayman citizens and react accordingly.

    And as a side comment, I’m an off-islander. We just sold our property on Grand Cayman earlier this year, and given all these issues we’re very seriously thinking of NOT repurchasing on island. If it’s more than just me thinking that way then that’s not a good thing long term. Am I the first of many “rats leaving the ship”, getting while the getting is good?

    • This is one prudent decision Mr. Matecun.
      This island used to be the Jewel of the Caribbean, but turning into a cancer sore. Ecological and social decline is rapid.
      Investing into real estate with the Dump as it is and where it is, and with the proposed incinerator really makes no sense. You can have ecologically cleaner environment in Florida.
      I don’t know what is happening. What kind of forces are in place that make this country literally unrecognizable. I am comparing 2008 to 2016.