Young Triple C students recently had the chance to experience voting – with a twist.

The day after the U.S. election, on Nov. 9, the students in Chekiya Tatum’s Kindergarten class lined up to cast their vote for their favorite snack.

According to a press release, Ms. Tatum took advantage of the election buzz to educate students about voting and organized a class election to choose a snack.

Before the students cast votes for either crackers, cookies or fruit, they learned about the voting process and important factors to consider when making their choice.

The children made voter registration cards which they presented upon hearing their name called to start the voting process, ticked their choice on the ballot in the voting booth, and dropped into the ballot box. When they returned to their seats, each student received an “I Voted” necklace that they could color and proudly wear.

“I wanted the students to have a real life and hands-on learning experience with this subject and was excited to create the complete election experience for them in a fun way that they would understand and would have positive and teaching results,” said Ms. Tatum.

“By doing this activity this gave way for students to be exposed to informed decisions and the importance of thinking about how our choices will affect us long term – whether voting for the next president or MLA or selecting a class snack.”