Christmas workers clean roadside

A team of people on government’s sponsored work program cleaned the roadside in Bodden Town on Monday. The group is part of the team who signed up for work at the Lions Community Centre last month for temporary seasonal work under the national Community Enhancement Project. Last year, more than 700 people signed up for temporary work under the scheme; this year nearly 600 signed up. The work includes gardening, cleaning public parks, beaches and roadsides, and repairs and maintenance on government properties. – Photo: Jewel Levy

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  1. This is very good to have unemployed Caymanians given a job during Christmas time to clean up beaches and road sides. However the question is; why we cannot have this done every four months. There should be no question that we cannot afford it. What I am looking forward to is after 2017 election where we will have constituencies in each district. Where we will have one MLA or MINISTER which ever dealing with their constituency. I am eager to find out how they are going to run it. I am eager to find out if they are going to allow overgrown roadways, no water drains, not enough street lights, beach loitering with nothing for the men to do in their constituency beside sit on the beach every day waiting for Christmas.. If that will be the case it wont work. I am expecting and looking forward to seeing that each constituency has a reporting office, because right now you have people in the eastern and central Bodden Town having to go all the way to savannah to complain about needs of the district. Some of them cannot even get so far. I am hoping persons running for Bodden Town gives us a manifesto of their plans and expectations.