Junior tennis fields 22 players in PwC tournament

A total of 22 players participated in the PwC Junior Circuit Tennis Tournament over the weekend at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club.

In the Under-10 division, Jake Fagan and Phin Ellison played in the final. Jake won 6-3, 6-7, 10-7. “Both players showed a lot of pride and determination in the final, and it was great to see both players giving their efforts for the final,” a press release said.

Rafael Wejbora defeated Digby Robinson for third place, while a newcomer to the PwC circuit, Charlie Jones, defeated another newcomer, Jamie Price in the consolation final in another three-set match.

In the Under-14 division, unseeded Jakub Neveril defeated No. 1 seed Willow Wilkinson in the semifinal in three sets and continued his success with a win in the finals against Alex Priestly 6-3, 6-3. Willow went on to win third place over Gavin Sunely. Sebastian Bjuro defeated Barnaby Robinson in the consolation final.

In the Under-18 division, the top female player, Jade Wilkinson, played No. 2 seed Jack Lomax in the finals. Jade won, capturing the first title of the year, in 6-3, 2-6, 6-2. Lauren Fullerton defeated Nealdeep Ghosh for third place, and Jake Serpell took the consolation trophy.

Rob Seward, the tournament director, thanked all of the participants who played in the first PwC tournament of the year, “as you have all made it a very pleasurable experience.”

The second leg to of the PwC Junior Circuit will be played in mid-February at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club.

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