Gonzalez, Raul Jr.

Raul Gonzalez Jr.
Name: Raul Gonzalez Jr.
District: Newlands
Affiliation: Independent
Previous elected office experience: None
Email: [email protected]


​Interview with Raul Gonzalez Jr.

Basia McGuire: Hi, this is Basia McGuire with the Cayman Compass. I’m here with Raul Gonzalez Jr., who is running as an independent in Newlands in the district of Bodden Town in the May 2017 elections. Mr. Gonzalez, please introduce yourself and tell us why you are running for the Legislative Assembly.

Raul Gonzalez Jr.: My name is Raul Gonzalez Jr., and I’m running for Newlands in district of Bodden Town. I felt the calling to run to represent my people. They need a voice. We have representatives now, but they are not feeling what the people are feeling. They’re not in contact with the people. And I felt the need to represent our people and be there for them so they have a voice, they can be heard and some changes can take place.

Basia McGuire: What’s the most important issue facing your district?

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Raul Gonzalez Jr.: Cost of living, education and unemployment.

Basia McGuire: And following on from that, what’s the most important issue facing the Cayman Islands as a whole?

Raul Gonzalez Jr.: The three that I just mentioned are facing my district and the island as a whole.

Basia McGuire: Those are big issues, but what’s something that the Cayman Islands is doing right and how would you help to continue that?

Raul Gonzalez Jr.: We are emphasizing education and employment with our kids and our youth, but are we really pushing toward that? That is the right way to think and the right way to move forward. We need to educate our people and prepare them so they can be qualified to get employment in the right places. We’re doing right in the tourism sector; we’re expanding on the airport. That’s a good thing; we will have more stay-over people and people from all walks coming to our islands.

Basia McGuire: And if elected, what’s your top priority on day one?

Raul Gonzalez Jr.: Bringing cost of living down, and we have to work on education and employment. The three main issues that [are] hindering everyone.

Basia McGuire: Thank you very much, Mr. Gonzalez. Thank you for coming to visit us and answering our questions. We think this has been a great opportunity for our viewers to learn more about you and your candidacy. Once again, this is Basia McGuire with the Cayman Compass. Thanks for watching.


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