Lobster hunters have less than a week left to catch the tasty crustaceans before lobster season closes.

The last legal day for catching lobsters in the Cayman Islands is Tuesday, Feb. 28, according to a reminder from the Department of Environment, which also states that the daily fishing limit is three per person or six per boat, whichever number is smaller.

No one is allowed to purchase, receive, offer for sale, exchange or donate more than three lobsters from Cayman waters in a given day.

Only spiny lobsters, Panulirus argus, are permitted for fishing.

Lobster season will resume on Dec. 1. Until then it will be illegal to remove lobsters from local waters, the press release states.

Senior Research Officer John Bothwell of the Department of Environment said the closed season allows the lobsters to build their population during peak reproductive months.

“It’s an effective and efficient way to limit how many lobsters get taken, which will give Cayman a sustainable, recreational lobster fishery not only when the season resumes in December, but for years to come,” Mr. Bothwell said in a press statement.

Anyone found selling local lobster during the closed season should be reported for poaching by calling 916-4271 in Grand Cayman, 926-0136 in Cayman Brac, and 916-7021 in Little Cayman. Lobster poaching can also be called in to 911.

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