Labor force survey begins on March 5

Interviewers from the Economics and Statistics Office will be visiting households throughout the Cayman Islands over the next month, beginning Sunday, March 5, as part of a labor force survey.

According to the statistics office, the survey seeks to collect data on employed and unemployed people in the Cayman Islands, as well as those who are not in the labor force.

The last publicly available labor force report, from spring 2016, showed the there were 41,825 individuals in the labor force at that time, of whom 40,213 were employed; 1,612 were unemployed. The unemployment rate at that time was estimated at 3.9 percent, the lowest since the 3.0 percent recorded in 2007.

Interviewers from the Economics and Statistics Office will visit 1,392 randomly selected sample households in the three islands over a four-week period. The questionnaire will be administered using electronic tablets.

In a statement, the Economics and Statistics Office said, “Once again, the ESO appeals to the public to give its full cooperation to the interviewers and to provide the necessary information, which will be collected under the Statistics Law (2016 Revision).

“The interviews are confidential, and no individual data will be used for publication or disclosed to parties outside of the ESO. ESO survey data from individuals are exempt from Freedom of Information requests.”

For more information, contact the Economics & Statistics Office at 516-3329 or 949-0940 or visit