Rock your socks for Down syndrome awareness

Cayman Islands businesses and schools will rock their socks off March 21 for Down syndrome awareness.

The Special Needs Foundation of the Cayman Islands is organizing the second annual “Rock Your Socks” fundraiser for World Down Syndrome Day with the goal of raising $25,000. The money will go toward therapy programs, community support and education on Down syndrome.

Office workers and students are encouraged to wear colorful and mismatched socks that day and to post a selfie to the Cayman Islands World Down Syndrome Day Facebook page.

Leslie Bromfield, chairwoman of the Down Syndrome Committee, said the socks create an easy way to spark conversation about Down syndrome.

The committee will also be organizing school programs and distributing classroom materials to promote student awareness and empathy.

‘Basket of Hope’

To boost support for parents, Ms. Bromfield said the committee will also donate a “Basket of Hope” to the Cayman Islands Hospital maternity ward.

The basket will be presented to new parents of a baby with Down syndrome.

Ms. Bromfield said the basket holds educational materials and gifts for the baby and mother to let families know they have support in the Cayman Islands.

In an additional show of support, Camana Bay will light up in blue and yellow, in honor of the syndrome’s awareness colors.