Man banned from George Town waterfront

A man accused of selling ganja to a cruise ship passenger has been temporarily banned from the waterfront in George Town.

Devon Elmore Scott, 41, appeared in Summary Court on Wednesday before Magistrate Grace Donalds.

He is charged with possession of 5.31 grams of ganja, selling 2.89 grams of the illegal substance and consuming ganja, all on Jan. 18.

He is further charged with failing to provide a urine specimen on the same date.

Crown counsel Scott Wainwright said Scott was to have attended the Customs Headquarters on Feb. 20 in relation to the January incident. However, Scott failed to surrender after having been bailed by officers.

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On March 14, officers saw Scott in the vicinity of Bay Shore Mall on South Church Street. They requested a search and found a grinder with matter in it that appeared to be ganja. He also allegedly had a small portion of vegetable matter wrapped in clear plastic.

Mr. Wainwright said there was no formal request on the file for Scott to be remanded in custody, but he was concerned about the potential selling of ganja while the defendant would be on bail. He suggested that if the court were minded to grant bail, there could be a condition that Scott stay away from the cruise ship terminal.

The magistrate granted conditional bail. One condition of his bail is that he not come within 100 yards of the cruise ship terminal or the port.

Another condition is that he live and sleep at a specified residence.

Scott is to return to court on April 4.

As previously reported in the Cayman Compass, a cruise ship passenger was fined $300 on Jan. 20 after pleading guilty to buying a small quantity of ganja in the area of the George Town harbor two days earlier.

The fine was imposed after the prosecutor noted that the passenger had additional expenses of staying on island after his ship left and then having to purchase an airline ticket to get back to the United States.

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  1. These are the types of cases that this police caution law is meant to address…consider the amount of police time, court time and associated costs incurred by all parties for the sake of a ‘spliff’ of marijuana.

    The Cayman Islands is headed for a massive conflict on interests associated with cannabis, its uses…and society’s attitudes to this substance.

    I hate to appear to be a prophet of doom and gloom, predicting negative outcomes of current situations but I have rarely been wrong over the years.

    The introduction of a medical marijuana law in Cayman and suggestions of even growing cannabis in the country for medical purposes poses a massive problem in respect of the current laws and penalties of its use in small quantities for personal, recreational purposes.

    Who is to decide for what purposes a person has used cannabis…when one party claims medicinal purposes…and another person has been arrested and incarcerated for smoking it ?

    Jamaica has struggled with this problem for years, with marijuana being a part of many peoples’ household in liquid form…for medicinal purposes…and many people smoking it…for spiritual and medicinal purposes.

    So…it now becomes decriminalized to be used for non-smoking medicinal purposes, while smoking it still remains a crime.

    What material differences does anyone believe exists in the effect that the use of marijuana has on a person, regardless of how it is ingested ?

    More research is necessary on the subject before any hard-and-fast conclusions can be drawn, especially by people who have never used the substance in any form.

    The entire issue needs to be addressed in a more holistic way, otherwise more problems are being created than are being solved by the introduction of the use of marijuana in the Cayman Islands…for medicinal purposes.

  2. Ricardo you’re 200 % right this time too . The US states are starting to complain about it . Do Companies require you to pass a drug test before you are hired ? Why do they require you to ? Can you imagine a Doctor legally going outside and smoking a spliff before operating on person , or someone typing a legal documents after getting high .
    The chances of errors have increased by more than 50% .
    I think that the law for cannabis oil only should be available to anyone who are diagnosed with cancer and no one else. I think that was what Mr Warren was pushing for.

  3. Ron…

    There are too many sides to this marijuana issue that is not being addressed in a rush to assist critically ill people who might be helped by its use for medical purposes.

    The medical properties in hemp has been known and used for thousands of years…it is no suddenly discovered secret.

    The US federal govt. outlawed hemp/cannabis/marijuana only in the 1920s and the rest of the world followed suit because other countries did not wish to run afoul of Uncle Sam’s laws and power and, as happened with alcohol, prohibition creates an illegal market for a substance that people will access and use, regardless of any prohibitive laws that are enforced.

    The Cayman Islands. in particular, has some of the most narrow-minded, uneducated and draconian attitudes and laws against marijuana in the world and these attitudes have been strictly enforced upon its population to a great degree.

    How then, can a massive u-turn on the substance take place without creating an environment of open discussion on all facets of the issue ?

  4. Ricardo ,

    I know that US Federal government banned those substances many years ago , but some States have legalized most of them today , which many States are coming to realize that it was not the best decision .

    I agree that Cayman Islands has the most uneducated draconian laws against Marijuana . The old laws needs to be addressed / demolished , but the Government is trying to add more uneducated and draconian laws to the problem. I don’t think the Government can fix this issue properly because they have too many other different ideas in their heads , and I don’t have the time to put the scenes in their heads .

    This is why I said that cannabis oil should be only prescribed to cancer patients only , when they’re diagnosed with cancer.

    Marijuana / cannabis is the problem , not mine , I am living without it and I’m sure other people can too , that’s my 1 second of research.