Cayman firm launches cybersecurity services

The Security Centre Ltd. has launched cybersecurity services to diversify its offering.

The group’s president, Stuart Bostock, said providing cybersecurity advisory services has been on the agenda for some time, but the launch was accelerated by the recent a high-profile “Wannacry” ransomware attack.

“We have extended our service offering from protecting clients and their assets in the physical world – into helping to protect them from online threats as well – this extension is a natural fit with our values,” he said.

“Our research findings have highlighted that Cayman-based companies are some of the most under-prepared and exposed to online threats. It’s a huge problem that we’re trying to help solve.”

Cayman-based companies face a range of potentially devastating online threats that can severely disrupt operations, Mr. Bostock added.

“We’re really excited to extend our service offering into cybersecurity in order to continue to protect the business community of the Cayman Islands from all threats – whether these are physical threats to people, assets or now, online attack.

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