Lookout Grocery hit by armed robbery

An armed robbery hit Lookout Grocery on Anton Bodden Drive around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

A male suspect reportedly brandished a weapon before stealing cash and a cellular phone. He then escaped in the owner’s gold Ford Explorer.

Police were notified as the incident was ongoing and were able to catch up with the fleeing suspect.

The man did not respond when police signaled for him to stop with emergency lights and siren. Officers continued to follow him until he crashed near Breakers.

The suspect was not injured and was arrested at the scene of the crash on suspicion of robbery. He was transported to the CIG Detention Centre and booked into custody.

“This quick and well-coordinated response by officers has resulted in an arrest which will hopefully help allay some of the public’s fears after the robberies yesterday,” said Robert Graham, Superintendent of Uniform Operations.

“As demonstrated this afternoon, we are working diligently to disrupt criminal activity and ask the community for all of the assistance it can give us.”


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