More than 40 students in Bodden Town Primary Year 6 class are in engaged in learning traditional arts.

On Wednesday, the students were taught the traditional handcrafting skills of gig making, basketmaking, cooking and marble playing on the school’s playing field.

The program is organized by the Ministry of Education and taught by Cayman Traditional Arts director Chis Christian, along with community seniors who have experience in Cayman customs and traditions.

In the traditional art classes, students partake in cultural activities and receive instruction in art forms that have deep cultural roots in their community. This is all made possible through classes, demonstrations, participation, entertainment and the sampling of native cuisine.

While the program runs mainly in public schools in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, Cayman Traditional Arts also assists with heritage day events in some of the private schools and also does work at the Sunrise Adult Training Centre and the Lighthouse School.